PhD thesis defense

The PhD program has a three-year legal duration, the academic year begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th.

Some weeks before the end of the third year, PhD students who are supposed to discuss their thesis in the following months, will receive an e-mail from the PhD office with the administrative duties required to apply for the thesis defense. 

In short, students are supposed to submit some documents to the PhD Academic Board, including the thesis. The Board will then give an advice on the student’s admission to the thesis defense and appoint, for each PhD student, two referees in charge of reviewing the thesis. The reviewers will decide if the thesis is ready to be defended or if it needs some editing, which might take up to 6 months of work. After that, the thesis will be admitted to the defense in any case.

Between October 1st and 15th, the PhD students will have to apply for the thesis defense following the instructions provided by e-mail by the PhD office. Once the thesis is finished, the file must be uploaded in the student’s Personal Area, and then validated by the PhD Coordinator some days in advance of the date of the thesis defense.

Once the thesis is validated by the PhD Coordinator, the student is officially admitted to the thesis defense.