PhD program in Experimental Medicine

The institution

The University of Pavia, founded in 1361, is one of the world’s oldest academic institutions. Today almost 24,000 students, from both Italy and overseas, study at our University. Pavia, as a city-campus, offers students a unique experience in Italy and rare in Europe: to stay at one of 20 University colleges. Pavia is a city in northern Italy with 70,000 inhabitants located 30 km south of Milan, connected by regional and suburban trains every 10 minutes. Life in Pavia is both pleasant and affordable, particularly in comparison with much higher housing and living costs in Milan and other urban centres in Lombardy. Pavia’s campus offers a unique university experience to students who can enjoy countless events, festivals, exhibitions, concerts and sport activities, at all levels.

The program

The PhD program in Experimental Medicine of the University of Pavia offers a highly qualified training platform in the fields of clinical and surgical sciences. The primary goal of the course is to guide the development of young investigators towards the acquisition of scientific maturity in the area of medical research. Each student will be working closely with a supervisor and will be directly involved in a specific project focussed on one of the multiple research lines of the program. The exposure to inter-disciplinary teaching sessions and the direct participation to practical and experimental research activities in close contact with the clinical environment, provide students with the fundamental opportunity to integrate the languages of medical and biological science, to consolidate their approach to the scientific method and to interact with modern bio-medical technology within the same teaching scheme.

The program, branched into two main teaching paths (Internal Medicine and Therapeutics, Surgery and Microsurgery), is based in and takes advantage from the advanced infrastructures of the Pavia academic-healthcare system, a multi-disciplinary pole with an established tradition of international standing in the fields of clinical medicine and translational research.

Coordinator of the PhD program: Prof. Stefano Perlini

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