PhD program in Private Law, Roman Law and European Legal Culture

The institution

The University of Pavia, founded in 1361, is one of the world’s oldest academic institutions. Today almost 24,000 students, from both Italy and overseas, study at our University. Pavia, as a city-campus, offers students a unique experience in Italy and rare in Europe: to stay at one of 20 University colleges. Pavia is a city in northern Italy with 70,000 inhabitants located 30 km south of Milan, connected by regional and suburban trains every 10 minutes. Life in Pavia is both pleasant and affordable, particularly in comparison with much higher housing and living costs in Milan and other urban centres in Lombardy. Pavia’s campus offers a unique university experience to students who can enjoy countless events, festivals, exhibitions, concerts and sport activities, at all levels.

The program

This PhD course – stemming from two previously distinct courses, in Private Law and Roman Law and European Legal Culture, that were merged together – focuses on some key fields of study: Civil Law, Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition and Labour Law, but also on the History of Roman Law and the History of Western Legal Thought. Students will undertake a variety of courses, some of which will be shared by the two curricula, while others will be specific to one subcurriculum, seminars and individual research activity aimed towards the completion of a doctoral thesis, under the supervision of a professor who will act as tutor.

Teaching activities of the XXXVI doctoral cycle, which faculty both of the University of Pavia and other european universities will take part in, are scheduled to begin on 11/1/2020. Courses are meant to provide students with all the skills necessary to interpret the juridical sources. As for the contents, despite sharing a common framework, they will be specific to one of the subcurricula (Civil Law, Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition and Labour Law, History of Roman Law, History of Western Legal Thought). The first lessons will introduce the participants to the method and the topic, to then move on to a series of exegetic seminars, during which texts (laws and works of jurists) concerning the PhD thesis topic, are going to be commented and, if needed, translated. Apart from the aforementioned courses, there will be more opportunities for students to better their methodological skills and deepen their knowledge, through lessons, seminars or conferences, lasting one or more days, to be held at the University of Pavia or at other venues. Topics will be chosen so as to contribute to an in-depth study of the more relevant areas of each juridical subject, while at the same time equipping students with specific perspectives and tools necessary to pursue individual research.

Coordinator of the PhD program: Prof. Umberto Stefini

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