Research periods abroad

If you are planning to spend a research period abroad, this is what you need to do:

ASK THE ACADEMIC BOARD FOR AUTHORIZATION. This must be done before your departure.

ASK FOR THE 50% INCREASE OF THE SCHOLARSHIP. After having been authorized and before leaving, you must forward to the PhD office (

Additional obligations for PNRR doctoral fellowship holders ex DD.MM. 351-352/2022 and 117-118/2023: prior to departure, it is required to sign, for both locations involved, a “Hosting commitment” whose signature is the responsibility of the Director of the afferent Dipatiment. Make contact with the PhD office to fill out the agreement.

DURATION. Minimum duration is 7 days, maximum is 12 months (18 months in case of jointly-supervised PhD program). If the doctoral student decides to spend more time abroad, the additional months will not be covered by the increased of the scholarship.

PAYMENTS. The 50% increase is paid as a lump sum (twice for long periods) and generally related with the payment of the scholarship.

REIMBURSEMENT OF EXPENSES. Please note that during the period of the foreign stay for which you benefit from the increase of the scholarship, you can be reimbursed for travel  and accomodation expenses incurred. Ph.D. students assigned to carry out activities in the interest of the University and included in specific research programs are eligible for mission assignments. For expenses related to mobility, national and international, attributable to the ordinary training and research activities of doctoral students, it is not configurable a mission assignment but a reimbursement of expenses. In order to facilitate the reimbursement modalities, a special “TIPO RICHIESTA” – RIMBORSO SPESE MOBILITA’ DOTTORANDI has been provided to be used in association with the TES – Regolamento di Ateneo – within UwebMissioni website. For further details, please refer to the Regolamento missioni (italian only).

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ERASMUS SCHOLARSHIP COMPATIBILITY. From the academic year 2021/2022 doctoral students can also receive Erasmus scholarship, however, for doctoral students holding scholarship on PNRR funds this possibility is to be ruled out due to problems of double funding of expenditure.

It is advisable to check the health and safety conditions of the destination country on the Viaggiare Sicuri webpage