PhD thesis defense and final exam


Fulfillments linked to the thesis defense

How to fill in the online application for the thesis defense


At the conclusion of the doctoral program, which for doctoral students in the 36th cycle is scheduled for September 30th 2023, it is mandatory to apply for the final examination. Exceptions are doctoral students who are beneficiaries of extensions and doctoral students in suspension recovery, for whom the deadline is automatically postponed for the period corresponding to the recovery or extension.

The doctoral student receives an email from the Office containing detailed information on the requirements for taking the final examination.

Academic Board approval and evaluators

At the end of the course, the doctoral student submits some documents to the Academic Board, including the thesis and any request for embargo or secrecy of parts. The Academic Board, upon receipt of the documents, makes a decision on the admission of the doctoral student to the final examination and appoints two evaluators to pass judgment on the thesis, proposing its admission for public discussion or postponement for a period not exceeding six months. At this point the thesis is ready to be discussed.

Administrative Procedures
Within 15 days after the conclusion of the course, the doctoral student (see calendar), through the appropriate computer procedure, must submit a final examination application, as per the instructions provided by email from the Office. Once in possession of the final version of the thesis, the doctoral student uploads it, at least 20 days before the discussion, in his/her Reserved Area. The PhD Coordinator or the supervisor will receive an automatic email requesting validation of the thesis, which is necessary for the purposes of the thesis discussion.

Schedule of deadlines

Thesis discussion
The thesis is discussed publicly before a committee.

The Coordinator notifies the doctoral students of the names of the members of the Commission and the deadlines by which to send them copies of the thesis. The Commission, at the end of the discussion approves or rejects the thesis and proposes or does not propose to the Rector the conferment of the doctoral degree.