Corso di Dottorato in Microelettronica

The Ph.D. in Microelectronics was created after the evident important role of high-tech education as an essential mean to support the technological and scientific growth of the new generations. The structure of the programme privileges flexibility and has simple regulations, in order to encourage the access of students from diversified backgrounds. Research activities are the basis of the training programme. They are carried out in one of the research laboratories under the supervision of advisors, following the highest international standards.


The Ph.D. aims to provide a very solid advanced training in the area of integrated electronic systems combining both a rigorous theoretical background with a concrete awareness of real applications. This has been made possible thanks to a continuous and important collaboration between research laboratories and various microelectronics multinational companies that have established themselves in Pavia over the years. The programme plans to attract more candidates extending their area of origin not only from Italy but from across the world following the model of the most relevant international institutions.

Research Projects/Areas

The Ph.D. covers the following research areas:

  • Analogue circuits for signal processing;
  • Non-volatile memories;
  • Power electronics;
  • Sensors and microsystems;
  • Microelectronics for mm-wave applications;
  • Microelectronics for radiofrequency applications;
  • Low noise electronics;
  • Integrated microelectronics for wireline and optical communications;
  • Integrated microelectronics for medical diagnosis.


The programme teaching (30 CFU) is distributed over the three years of study, with basic topics covered mostly in the first year and more specific ones in the following two. Education activities are based on internal courses and external seminars, in addition to courses offered by national and international Research Graduate Schools (for example topics on Microelectronics and Electronics Group Graduate School).

Job Opportunities

National and multinational electronic companies with design centres in Italy and, in particular, in the Pavia area, such as STMicroelectronics, Maxim, IRCI, Austriamicrosystems, Marvell and National Semiconductor; semiconductor industries with design centres abroad (especially in the United States); national and international research centres; national and international Universities.

Coordinator: Prof. Piero Malcovati
Department of Industrial and Information Engineering
Via Ferrata 1, 27100 Pavia
Tel.: +39 0382-985256

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