Do you really know the planet you are living on? Basics of Earth Science in the everyday-life for a sustainable future

Proponent: Chiara Amadori

Course learning outcomes/abstract: Despite its importance in the energetic economy and the great effort of institutions like Universities and Research Centers, the study of Geosciences is poorly considered, especially in high school. Thus, the vast majority of PhD students in Italian and foreign universities have no basic knowledge of natural systems, although being closely related to them. However, just as literature, philosophy and art are always present in any society and politics, the nature of the planet where we live on should also be considered. For these reasons, this course is dedicated also to non-STEM community and does not require any specific geological background. Participants will learn the basics of the most important processes linked to the natural risks (such as earthquakes, landslides, volcanic activity, etc) and precious recourses, among all water, rare metals. All lectures will be organized with a language appropriate to the level of the participants and several practical and up-to-date examples will be included. During the last day, we will walk together through Pavia city center and along Ticino River. This activity will give the opportunity to get directly in contact with active and past geological processes.
At the end of the course, students will be able to better understand not only the state of the Earth planet and its socio-economic implications on their every-day life, but also to appreciate how geology has inspired humanistic studies. Indeed, knowledge makes people aware, and scientific awareness is very important at this delicate time of energy transition and climate change.

Goals:The main goal of this transversal course for PhD students is to make the Earth Science known and accepted by everyone as an intrinsic part of everyday life. Topics covered by lectures have also the purpose to help clear doubts and eradicate false myths about the Earth dynamics. This course aims at stimulating fruitful discussions among participants, and open their minds on the current and near future problematic situation on climate, energy and related risks

Number of hours and planning:20 hrs total: 15 hrs lectures, 4 hours/day from 25th to 27th and 3 hrs on September 28th; 3 hrs field trip through Pavia city center and along Ticino River on September 29th morning; 2 hrs final test on September 29th afternoon.

Period: From 25th to 29th September 2023

PhD courses involved:Earth and Environmental Sciences

Delivery mode and location ( in presence, on line, ecc): Mixed: Lectures will be given preferably in presence, but they can also be online, if needed. Instead, the field trip and the final exam have to be in presence.

Language: english

Evaluation criterial: Final test, written. The test is made of questions (open and/or multiple choice), at least one from each topic covered during the course. The exam is passed with minimum 60% of correct answers

Credits (CFU): 4