Extension of the PhD program ex DM 226 Art. 8 c. 6

According to Art.8 c. 6 of DM 226/2021 “For proven reasons that do not allow the presentation of the doctoral thesis within the timeframe provided by the duration of the course, the Academic Board may grant, at the request of the doctoral student, an extension of the maximum duration of twelve months, without further financial support“.
The doctoral student must first discuss the possibility to apply with his supervisor and the PhD Coordinator, the Academic Board will then proceed to the evaluation of the request and possible approval. Once acquired the approval, the doctoral student must submit an application to the U.O.C Research Training accompanying the request with:

The request must be submitted before the end of the PhD program

Submission of applications can be made in the following ways:

  • mail to fabio.panza@unipv.it (in this case the stamp duty will be paid virtually)
  • hand delivery Ufficio Protocollo located in Via Mentana, 4