Intensive School for Advanced Graduate Studies (ISAGS)

The University of Pavia, as part of its policy of promoting and enhancing educational opportunities for third-level students, has been promoting the implementation of Intensive School for Advanced Graduate Studies (ISAGS) since 2020.

2023 edition:

  • Geography of Innovation;
  • Innovative Radiotherapy Techniques;
  • Essential soft skills for PhDs and ECR;
  • Food Law e Agenda 2030;
  • Liquid Interfaces, Drops and Sprays (FLYER);
  • Assessment of fouling alien species in ports and experimental applications.

ISAGS courses of previous editions:



  • Innnovative radiotherapy techniques – ISRT;
  • Emerging viral threats in a globalized society: molecular, epidemiological, clinical and social aspects of emerging viral diseases;
  • A smart grid for energy management: the IoT approach;
  • Machine learning and its application to cancer genomics;
  • Scientific communication methodology between sociology, psychology and data analytics;
  • La drammaturgia occidentale dall’Antichità a oggi.

For more information:
Contacts: Fabio Panza – – Tel. 0382985982