Maternity leave

Maternity leave is the period of compulsory abstention from work during pregnancy and puerperium, recognized, as provided by M.D. 226/2021 Art.12 c.7, also to doctoral students.

In the presence of certain conditions that prevent the mother from benefiting from the leave, the abstention from work belongs to the father (paternity leave).

The right to leave and the corresponding allowance are also provided in case of adoption or foster care of minors.


From the time the pregnancy status is established, the doctoral student is required to promptly inform the PhD Office ( and attach to the communication:

PLEASE NOTE: In case the doctoral student wants to apply for maternity leave flexibility (suspension 1 month before delivery and 4 months after or 5 months after delivery), the request for suspension must be accompanied by a specific medical certificate stating, “In act, there are no contraindications to the performance of work until the completion of the eighth/ninth month of gestation neither for the pregnancy nor for the unborn child.” Also attach a copy of the certificate from the University’s occupational doctor, which can be obtained from the following addresses: – Tel. 0382.593701. Unless otherwise specified, maternity leave will be understood as 2 months before delivery and 3 months after.


Ph.D. students, if in the exclusive regime of separate management and not retired, are given the opportunity to access the maternity allowance. The requirement to access the allowance is to have paid at least 3 months of contributions in the 12 months preceding the request for leave, as stated in Inps Circular No. 42/2016. The allowance is paid directly by Inps and is equal to 80 percent of the amount received monthly. Applications must be made through a special computer procedure through the INPS website.