Propagation of Mechanical Waves in Deformable Solids

Professor involved: Prof. Carlo Giovanni Lai

Course learning outcomes/abstract:Scope of the course is to provide advanced theoretical knowledge on the phenomena associated with the propagation of mechanical waves in elastic, viscoelastic and poroelastic continua. The course is addressed to scholars working in different, yet interacting research fields including geophysics, seismology, geotechnical engineering and structural mechanics. Thus it is a cross-domain course aiming at bridging the gaps among the above disciplines when studying the propagation of mechanical disturbances in natural and artificial materials. Although the emphasis of the course is on mathematical and constitutive modeling, an effort is made by the instructor to illustrate applications of the theories to the solution of real-world problems

Goals: At the end of the course the attendees should have mastered the tools of analysis in order to independently investigate their research topics related to wave propagation in continuous media

Number of hours and planning: 32 hours

Period: January 18th January – 8th March 2024


Delivery mode and location ( in presence, on line, ecc): standard frontal classes in presence

Language: english

Evaluation criterial: Two assignments will be handed over and graded during the course

Credits (CFU): 4