Scientific Research and the 3R’s Principle

Professor involved: Livia Visai, Cristina Lanni, Maria Laura Amadio, Laura Gribaldo, Jeffrey Brown, Daniela Ovadia, Andrea Ferrigno, Virginie Sottile, Gabriele Ceccarelli, Michele Conti, Nora Bloise

Course learning outcomes/abstract: The 3Rs are the initial letters of REDUCTION: reduction in the number of animals used for a specific study; REFINEMENT: improvement of experimental designs to reduce stress and suffering to animals; REPLACEMENT: replacement (even partial) of animal testing with alternative methods of comparable validity. These three words briefly describe the ethical principles that researchers should respect when undertaking animal experiments.

Goals: Educational objectives: the interdisciplinary course aims to provide knowledge on the topic of research within the 3Rs whose principles concern the ethical aspects of the use of animals in scientific experiments. The course therefore aims to present the main innovative applications of research within the 3Rs in order to promote a responsible experimentation. (5 CFU)

Number of hours and planning: 20 hours of frontal lectures

Period: Monday 17 June 2024 up to Thursday 27 June 2024

Calendar: link


Delivery mode and location ( in presence, on line, ecc): link zoom

Language: english

Evaluation criterial: Written exam with multiple choice answers

Credits (CFU): 5