Synchrotron Radiation techniques and applications

Professor involved: Paolo Ghigna

Course learning outcomes/abstract: The course is aimed to give an introduction on the main techniques based on synchrotron radiation, for the determination of materials’ structures and properties in physics, chemistry, biology, and related disciplines such as archaeology and environmental science. In general, a biologist has a very different training in science compared to that of a physicist. Therefore the contents of this course are pitched in such a manner that it should be accessible to all newcomers to synchrotron radiation. Accordingly, the tone of the different subjects and the depth to which they are explained has been adapted as much as possible to the demands and scientific profiles of the probable students.

Goals: Provide students with basic knowledge on what experiments can be performed at symchrotron radiation sources and what information can be obtained

Number of hours and planning: 24 hours of frontal lectures

Period: from February 20, every Tuesday and Thursday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Delivery mode and location ( in presence, on line, ecc): In presence: classroom to be defined, according to the number of students


Language: english

Evaluation criteria: Oral examination

Credits (CFU): 6